Research Interests

Our research group (3D Vision & Robotics Lab) mainly focuses on 3D computer vision with a particular focus on geometric and physical aspects. Specifically, our goal is to give the capability to a system (e.g., robots and autonomous vehicles) to understand and interpret various data in a manner that is similar to the way humans use their senses to relate to the world around them.

To achieve this goal, we focus on processing and analyzing various sensor data such as image, video, 3D point cloud, and other sensory data. Currently, we are working on the following research agenda:

Research agenda:

Structural understanding (structural perspective) of indoor scenes

3D Perception (e.g., depth estimation, localization) for intelligent agents such as autonomous vehicles

3D Reconstruction / Camera pose estimation / SLAM

Sensor Fusion / Calibration / Robotics vision

Other than the above topics, our lab members have broad research interests in computer vision and machine learning and aim to developing cutting-edge algorithms.